Delicious Breaded Gouda

Breaded GoudaThere are times, when there is none of it left. Time, that is. In this paradox state, when everything has to happen at once, cooking takes a place on the back burner, so to say. Tomorrow is an audition, and between packing, practicing, getting distracted by kittens and puppies, my love needed me not only to make dinner, but also to brag about it on her blog.
And that, dear reader, marks my appearance as co-author on Devil’s Food. As you might have guessed, I’m “Mr. S”. And I did not say this. 


Now, this is super easy, and fast as hell. Cut the cheese into nice rectangular pieces of even thickness. Put some flour on a plate, beat the egg on another plate. Season the egg with salt, pepper, paprika, whatever. Roll the cheese in the flour, then in the egg. If you are not planing on insane amounts of cheese servings, re-use the flour plate for bread crumbs, and roll the dripping mess of cheese in that, too.
Heat your olive oil in a frying pan, and give the breaded cheese a bath. Medium heat, I suggest. When the things in the pan start to lose structural integrity, flip them. Don’t expect them to become very dark in colour, long before this happens they would try to become one with it each other, and start a new life as soup.

Serve with salad.


Drop the cheese. Seriously, you can make batter burgers from just bread crumbs and eggs, that’s what I do with the leftovers from breading, and I love it. Don’t drop the egg too, it will just make a mess.

3 thoughts on “Delicious Breaded Gouda

  1. Sorry for the mild language. Next time I’ll try harder, I fucking swear!

    Oh, and “First Post!”


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