And so we begin again…FINALLY!

Megan and Maggie- Wedding
With my baby on my wedding day.

My beloveds, it has been months since I last wrote, and I hope you all can accept my sincerest apologies. So very much has happened, I don’t even know where to begin!

Well, here goes:

THE GOOD NEWS- first of all, I got married!!!! And yes, yes, I baked my own gorgeous red velvet cake, the recipe for which will be in my next post later today. Leading up to our wedding, I didn’t really have any time to write, because I was, you know, um, planning a wedding. It was a total DIY simple court wedding, Kaffee und Kuchen with only a few friends and family. Unfortunately, only my husband’s family, who are lovely amazing people. My family was a continent away, so we are currently saving up money to have a vow ceremony in the States for my family and friends there. Then my father can give me away, we can have a father daughter dance, and why not a mother daughter dance (Do those exist? No? They should), and my talented friends can sing to us- yay!

After the wedding, we had a honeymoon “period” (rather than a trip which we couldn’t afford), and I felt entitled to not write anything since it was our honeymoon and all.

Then I had several stressful auditions in the spring, so I was constantly running around worrying about getting employed and not worrying about writing. Consequently, I got a job!!!!! Endlich! I sang an audition in a gorgeous little town in Germany, and they asked my agent if I could come back the very next week after having learned an aria from this opera they are doing in 2016. So I learned this insanely hard aria in a week (so I couldn’t write, my beloveds), and then went back and sang for them again. And they were crazy enough to hire me, ha ha ha! They offered me four lead roles this year, all of which I have been dying to sing.

However, this job didn’t begin in the Fall, as I assumed- it was a two year contract, and it began immediately. So then, I had about two weeks to learn an entire opera role- in fact a Singspiele with lots of terrifying German dialogue-, find a temporary apartment, get my exhausted derrière (and the pampered posterior of my pouffy pooch) there, and begin rehearsing. I was also still doing my day job, as a marketing researcher for clothing companies. In the meantime, my husband was trying to sell his house in Frankfurt, and packing four stories all by himself. I don’t think our cats were particularly helpful, although they would probably tell you otherwise.

So I didn’t have any time to write. I’m sorry.

Anyway, the rehearsals continued for months, the show opened successfully, and then we started rehearsing the next opera immediately. You might be interested to know that the first production has a cake that must be eaten onstage. So of course, I was recruited to bake these confections, which resulted in me baking SEVEN carrot cakes- all of which I didn’t even get to eat because they “disappeared” before intermission. The production begins again in September, so I am going to have to bake a million cakes again, as it runs through next spring, and I am kind of freaking out about all that (unpaid!!!) extra work. Clearly, I haven’t had time to write.

In the end, I did manage to find an apartment, my husband did manage to sell the house, and we did manage to move everything here. I even spent two weeks in the states. Last week I did an interview for the regional newpaper, which was lots of fun. You can read this article (auf Deutsch) here: Newspaper Article. If you have time (even if you can’t read German), click the yellow “+Artikel empfehlen” button on the upper left hand corner!

So, my beloveds, I am back, and excited to share all the recipes I have been making with you! I took photos of a lot of dishes, so I have many things to write about. We will start today with my red velvet cake. I have missed you all so much. Let’s cook together again!



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