Frankfurt Germany

Bio: I love to bake. I am a vegetarian (vegan for four years, but no more) and allergic to onions. All recipes here will be vegetarian (except for occasional pet food recipes), and onion free. Also, I do not believe in censorship and I use colorful language, so please keep this blog away from innocent or easily offended eyes. I am a professional opera singer, I love all things dark, gothic and romantic, my 3 fur-babies, reading literature and poetry, film, and of course music. I will always include music links to cook to. I used to be afraid of cooking. Which is ridiculous because my mother is a fabulous cook. She tried to teach me, but I had a genuine fear of it. I still have no idea what the hell my problem was. Boiling water sent me into paroxysms of terror, cutting vegetables was an insurmountable task. But in college, my friend Coco slowly helped me learn to overcome my fear, by giving me tiny tasks, like grating cheese. I met my gorgeous fiancé in 2012, and moved to Germany. I have always been a food lover and valued gourmet cuisine, but I no longer had the budget to dine out. I quickly realized that if I was craving American or specialty foods, I would have to learn to make them myself. Due to my major sweet-tooth, baking became my outlet. At first I would follow recipes, but I soon knew that the only way to really satisfy my insane cravings was to tweak things until they were my own. As a vegetarian, some of my recipes will be diet friendly and very healthy, while some (mainly the desserts) will be downright scandalous. If you are trying to lose weight but craving sweets, I suggest doing the math and making single portions, or just two- one for you and a sweetie. Some of my recipes can be made vegan. I believe that food should be nutritious of course, but also appeal to that dark, selfish, gluttonous side that we are always trying to hide from people. The side of our palate that can only say *mmmph* with glazed over eyes when I ask you if you like my Red Velvet Cake. It's truly divine and wicked all at once- the essence of balance. I strive to make my recipes beyond superb- I want them to be simply the best. And I want YOU to be able to delight your loved ones for years to come! Now how about them apples?

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to trying out your recipes! The maple syrup frosting one looks great… yum! I`m also getting into the idea of cakes being healthy but also naughty and tempting and balancing out sugar with delicious maple syrup is one way to go… 🙂

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  2. Lili- you and my new kitten share the same name! Adorable! You know you can always try substituting things in my recipes, like using Earth Balance or light butter, things like that. I would absolutely love to know how your experiments turn out! You can always make cakes into cupcakes too, and just have a few, and give the rest to friends. I find if I don’t have my sweets, I go insane and eat everything ever. I appreciate you reading my blog, and I hope you will also share any results with us in your cooking adventures!

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  3. Hi! Or should I say ‘miaow’ 🙂 Thanks for your tips. Yeah, I have cake lunches and dinners so friends can help eat my cakes. Also freeze some things. And yes, like you I absolutely must have some cake in the house! Will let you know how the decadent healthy cakes go.. still testing/tasting! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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