Dutch Baby with Champagne Cream Sauce


My mother has been making dutch babies for as long as I can remember. Not that kind of baby, silly, you have such a dirty mind. Just kidding…

Anyway, a dutch baby is what happens when you decide to cross-breed a popover and a pancake. I decided to make one for dinner tonight, because we all know that breakfast in the middle of the night is awesome. Continue reading

The Best Banana Bread Ever

bananabreadI adore banana bread. My stepmother used to make it for me when I forgot to eat the bananas in my lunch. Banana bread is always the perfect solution to those sad, blackened, smooshed lunch box bananas, or just the poor bananas you forgot from last week, even though they have been sitting right in front of you the whole damn time. Continue reading

The Worst Waffles Ever (and some tips for better waffles)

You must have noticed by now that food bloggers only post their most successful recipes. And you might have even wondered what goes on in our kitchens when we are trying to make up new recipes. Are we flawless? Does everything we make turn out perfectly? So I thought, at my own peril, I would share with you a recent disaster. Yes folks, I am indeed going to teach you how NOT to make waffles. It’s a shame I was too mad to take a photo. It was spectacularly pathetic.  Continue reading

Sweet Potato Latkes with Easy Apple Butter and Crème Fraîche

© H. Zell

Aren’t these flowers beautiful? They are, in fact, sweet potato flowers, and I do think they do their scrumptious roots justice, don’t you? I have been making this recipe for sweet potato latkes for years. Latkes have always been difficult for me, because almost every recipe calls for onions, and as you know, I cannot eat onions, leeks, chives, scallions, or raw garlic. I like them, they just don’t like me. 😦  Continue reading