Baked Sweet Potato “Fries” with Thai Chili Sauce

sweetpotatofriesLast night I made sweet potato “fries” because honestly, I had to eat everything before my cleanse so I wouldn’t be tempted. And they are also yummy, so you should make them too!  Continue reading

Easiest Nachos and Guacamole Ever (and wedding dress shopping)


After a long day of shopping and being rained upon, we finally found my elopement dress! I have to tell you this story, there is no way around it, but if you really just want the recipe, it is at the bottom. Otherwise, bear with me. Dress shopping was a nightmare from the beginning, so words cannot describe how relieved I am to have finally found what I wanted all along. As you may have all figured, I am not a conventional lady, and I wanted my civil ceremony dress to be Gothic Lolita. In Germany, it is customary to have two weddings- Continue reading