Megan’s Perfect Pie Crust

lemonchess4When I first moved to Germany a few years back, it took a while to realize the absence of pie. Pie isn’t a thing here. There are the occasional bakeries that profess to sell pies, but any pie-lover can tell you these are not, in fact, pies (much like the “Mexican” food). After a terrible experiment with puff pastry, and my darling German friend bringing me a pre-made “pie crust” from a special “pie shop,” it became clear that if I wanted pie, I was going to have to make it myself. This pie crust recipe is the fruition of two years’ labor in the kitchen, and it is truly divine!  Continue reading

Holiday Menu and Jewish Holidays in Germany

And so my darlings, I realize since the holidays just passed, it is a little odd to post everything I made now, but better late than never, right? This year Chanukah ended on the 24th of December (quite late) and since Christmas was the very next day, we had a nice Chanukah meal Continue reading